Friday, October 30, 2009

new link!

most probably my last post here, to all my beloved friends, please relink me @! (: See ya all there!~~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 days; 1 week.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! O LEVELS ARE COMING IN JUST ONE WEEK TIME! WTF?!?! this Thursday will be our Science Practical exam, follow by English paper on Monday! GOSHH! and i have not update my blog since 2 weeks ago -.- sorry guys! no time to blog this often until O level is over. Well, even thou the day is reaching SOON, i still have these(above) activities going on last few weeks. but it only last us 2 or 3 days?.

Shihui and Nata's bday celebration on Tuesday - 13 Oct, Shihui's Chalet on 17 Oct. but i DID study during the chalet! despite all the crappy stuffs we've done. heh. so many unnecessary stuffs happened too, but just hope that it doesn't come back EVER again. played ICE WAR (left over ice) early in the morning during the chalet, and kena a LARGE amount of icy water from Wq, and the feeling was instance numb, but very shiok. LOL!

alright, i guess i've nothing much to blog now. i'm off to study NOW! Consultation with Ms Tay tmr, Byeeeeeeeeeee!~

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

you know you know.. BOOMZ!


GOSH. my stomach is killing me, seriously. had a terrible tummy ache before recess yesterday, thought it was just gastric, so didn't bother about it. till recess.. had my breakfast, but still.. PAIN! was suffering during Chinese lesson, then MsCheong called Joel to get some warm water from idunnowhere. LOL. thought it would be better, until Maths lesson.. Mdm Teng came in, Jean brought me to the Sick Bay. it's the first time we both went in since Sec1, HAH! and both of us were in there for 2 hours, she can sleeeeep somemore, hahah! MsCheong never came for us, so we went up by our own.. had the Social Etiquette Course. it was damn super funny and enjoying! had a great laugh that i even forgot about my stomachache.. but it react again just right after the course ends.. ._. didn't get to join them for bball session zzzz!

anyway, thanks everyone for the care and concern, appreciate them LOTS! <3333

okay guys & gals~
take a look @ this! watch till the end!